We are your Technology Ambassadors. We take often difficult technologies and requirements and make them as simple as possible to use and follow.

Too often, IT companies think from a technology-first perspective, not from a user experience perspective. DigiHealth does things differently. We start by simply talking with you about your tech struggles and conducting a risk analysis. This approach allows us to build the right technology plan for your specific needs. By coupling in our experience and certified expertise, we can identify ways to help you operate in the most efficient and effective way possible.

We work with best-of-breed technology partners to make sure we provide the best solution for your practice. While our competitors try to fit you into a technology with partners that give them higher margins, we start with the end-user first. This ensures that your practice receives a custom-built solution specific to your current workflow and security needs that fits within your budget.

A managed service provider (MSP) is your IT department without the costly overhead. We provide the expertise, tools, and processes that most small businesses and private practices don’t have the resources or time to implement on their own.
We keep it very simple by providing all services for one flat, monthly rate. No more budgeting hours each month or getting surprise invoices. Support is handled both remotely and in your office and is tracked and documented every step of the way.

Although there is no official, legally recognized HIPAA compliance certification or accreditation, we are certified and audited by multiple third parties that provide their own certificates and documentation as proof that we are continuously training and following HIPAA guidelines. We will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with you as your IT provider and have BAA’s with our vendors and partners as well.

Every office has different needs which means there is no one price that fits everyone. We’ll work with you to meet your needs and budget to provide you with the best value we can.


Servicing Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, and many other fine cities throughout Riverside County for over 15 years.


One simple plan to cover all of your IT support needs.

Always There For You

Remote and onsite support for fast and reliable help.

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Services specifically made for HIPAA covered environments.

Compliance Matters

HIPAA is more than just compliance. It’s about patient care.

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We not only backup your data, but test and prove it can be restored.

Power of the cloud

3-2-1 Backup Rule: 3 copies. 2 different media. 1 copy offsite.

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Our unique mix of experience in both IT and providing patient care provides you a team that truly understands your needs. We have run into the same obstacles and pain points ourselves. Physicians, management, HR, front and back office, and patients can all benefit from our experience and solutions.